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Roofing Contractors Providing Ice Dam Prevention Services

Toledo Ice Dam PreventionIce dams are a common problem faced by Toledo residents. Although the icicles that form on the edge of your roof can be beautiful, this aesthetic belies the perilous danger your property is in when an ice dam forms. Ice dams can cause significant damage to your property, and as such, you as a property owner should take positive steps to prevent ice dam formation.

At Absolute Quality Roofing, our Toledo roofing contractors understand the unique situations that lead to ice dam formation. For this reason, we have the skill and methods necessary to help you prevent ice dam formation at your commercial or residential property. After our expert services, you can feel confident that after winter weather you will not have to deal with the catastrophic damage left behind by ice dams.

Call us today if you are concerned about preventing ice dam formation at your Toledo property. Our professional roofers are here to help in any way that we can. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our ice dam prevention services. We can schedule your appointment today.

Toledo Ice Dam Formation and Damage

Ice dams form on your Toledo property because of a temperature variance between your roof and the eaves of your property. Generally, roofs are hotter than eaves because your roof shares a large barrier with your attic space. Heat from the attic is transferred to your roofing system.

The heat of your roof causes collected snow to melt. As the water runs off, it reaches the eaves of your Toledo property. The eaves of your property are generally the temperature of the outside environment. If the ambient air temperature is below the freezing point, it is likely that your eaves are conducive to ice formation. Water runoff freezes, and the cycle repeats itself, causing ice dam formation.

Ice dams are doubly destructive. The ice formation itself is heavy, and therefore, it can cause significant damage to your gutters and to the perimeter of your Toledo roof. The ice dam also prevents snowfall and runoff from sliding off your roof. This collected water can cause significant water damage to your roof, especially if the roofing membrane has been permeated by the ice structure itself.

Toledo Ice Dam Prevention Services

At Absolute Quality Roofing, our professionals have many solutions to your Toledo ice dam problems. Our professionals can install heat tapes along the perimeter of your roof to prevent ice dam formation. This heated tape raises the temperature of runoff when it reaches your eaves. Because the water is heated, it cannot freeze on your eaves in the short time in which it passes. Our professionals can also help you take other steps to prevent a large temperature variance between your roof and your eaves. After our professional ice dam prevention services, you can feel confident that your Toledo property will not be damaged by an ice dam.

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