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Toledo Professional Roofing Services Prevent Ice Dams and Resulting Damage

Toledo Roof InspectionsDuring a Toledo winter, outsiders might consider the icicles hang off the gutters of a building to be a thing a beauty. Residents know that these icicles can be an indication of a dangerous condition developing on the roof of the property. Ice dams are a persistent problem that must be addressed in order to ensure that your roofing system does not suffer substantial damage.

The best way to prevent ice dam formation is to hire the services of a professionally licensed roofing contractor. The professional roofers at Absolute Quality Roofing are extremely adept at ice damage prevention techniques. After they perform their expert services, you can feel confident that your roofing system will not be damaged by snow build up and ice dam formation during the Toledo winter.

What is an Ice Dam?

An ice dam is a thick ridge of ice that can build up along the eaves of your Toledo property after a winter storm. The ice dams themselves can tear off gutters and loosen shingles. The ice dam also prevents melting snow from sliding off your roof. Moisture is then trapped on your roof and can seep into your home, causing substantial water damage. This water damage can lead to sagging ceilings, peeling paint, and warped floors. Ice dams must be prevented from forming in order to mitigate the potential of this substantial damage and resulting costly repair.

Toledo Professional Solutions to Ice Dam Formation

Ice dams form because of a temperature differential between the surface of your roof and the eaves of your property. If the roof of your property is warmer than the eaves, runoff from the roof can collect and freeze, causing ice dam formation.

The professional roofers at Absolute Quality Roofing have several methods that can ensure that there is no temperature differential between the roof surface and the eaves of your property. In this way, their roofing contractors can prevent the substantial damage that ice dams can cause.

Here are some of the services that their professionals will provide you as part of their ice dam prevention services:

  • Eaves and ridge ventilations
  • Proper sealing to attic hatches
  • Ensuring proper exhaust ventilation
  • Proper attic insulation
  • Proper duct insulation
  • Caulked roof penetrations
  • And more

In each instance, their professional roofers are seeking to minimize heat buildup in the attic of your Toledo home. If excess heat develops in your attic, it will cause your roof to be hotter than your eaves, which in turn causes the conditions that can lead to ice dam formation. By hiring professional roofers to conduct these mitigation protocols, you can feel confident that your Toledo home will be safe from water damage caused by ice dams.

If you are looking for an ice dam prevention expert from a Toledo roofing contractor then please call 419-206-0045 or complete our online request form.

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